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Mastfuyi FY876 Handheld EMF Radiation Detector Meter

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Detect and measure EMF radiation inside or outside your home using this handheld EMF radiation detector meter.

Brand Name: Mastfuyi
EMF measurement range: 0.1-199.9mG / 0.01-19.9μT
EMF alarm threshold: More than 4.0mG / 0.4μT
Electric field measurement range: 1-1999V/M
Electric field alarm threshold: More than 40V/M
Air temperature measurement range: 0℃-50℃ / 32℉-122℉
Air temperature measurement precision: ±1.5℃/3℉
Temperature unit switch: ℃ / ℉
Frequency range: 5Hz-3500MHz
Automatic shut-down: 10 minutes of inactivity
Low battery icon: Less than 6.8V
Operating condition: 0℃-40℃ / 32℉-104℉ 45%-80%RH
Power: 1*9V battery
Data freeze: Yes
MAX function: Yes
LCD backlight screen: Yes


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